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          2. INDUSTRY CREDIT

            As the leading manufacturer of adhesive tape, we are one of the top brand in China since November 1984.

            With an annual output of 1 billion sqm adhesive tape and 10,000 tons adhesive, Wingtai become the top brand in world adhesive tape market.

            ★ Vice president of China Adhesives and Tapes Industry Association.

            ★ China top brand, export to 76 countries.

            ★  The fully automatic slitters and wrappers lines.

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            • Adhesive
            • Coating
            • Slitting
            • Quality Control





            38 tons adhesive reactors.

            Annual produce 100,000 tons adhesive.





            21 sets high speed coating lines.





            6 sets fully automatic slitters and wrappers.

            Annual produce 1 billion sqm adhesive tapes.





            38 tons adhesive reactors.

            Annual produce 100,000 tons adhesive.


            Focus on producing adhesive tapes for 30+ years, Top 3 brand with ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, TUV, Sony Green Partners certifications. 

            We provide you high quality products and VIP service.

            CONTACT INFO

            Add: No.46 Yongning industrial road, Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China.

            Tel:   +86 760 2228 2689

            Fax:  +86 760 2228 2680

            Email: exp21@wingtai.com.cn

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